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My great great granddad had arrived in Liverpool in the late 1800s from the East End of London; a docker, living with his family in the terraces that used to stand off Scotland Rd. We’ve been in and around the city ever since. I worked around the city for 4yrs, doing much of my own illustration on the side before I was eventually offered a position as a designer in London. That was nearly 10yrs ago now.

For some time, I’d wanted to take on Liverpool as a subject although the opportunity presented itself rather by accident in the end when a friend was looking for someone to help with the artwork for his wedding. Maybe that was the impetus I needed!



I thought we could use the invites to tell a bit of a story, and the initial illustrations were designed specifically with the wedding in mind: Guests arriving at Lime St Station, a ceremony at St George’s Hall, the reception in one of the renovated warehouses, and a city going to rest in the moonlight (well some of it resting anyway).
However I also wanted to expand out of the city centre and look to places that had shaped so much of my memories – Sefton Park, the pine woods in Formby, my home town Southport… to be honest there’s so much more I would still like to do.


I did much more work than I actually printed in the end. This is often the case, as sometimes things just don’t work regardless of how long I spend on them trying to get them right! I have so much work that’s never seen the light of day!


The printing was absolutely key: It makes such a difference to the finished product. There are a few industry standard papers for Giclée printing, but either the grain or the white wasn’t quite right for these prints. I went through so many tests, yet the paper I’m using now makes such a difference compared to the other papers, and I managed to find a great guy on the Wirral with tons of experience who has helped in getting these absolutely right.


Prints are available in a limited run here in my shop

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  • I have just ordered a Sefton Park print and would really like a print of the cathedral too, but can see this is sold out. Do you plan to do another print run at all please?

    • Unfortunately there are no plans to reprint any of the designs at present. Thanks anyway Barbara 🙂

      • Thanks for letting me know.

        Please could you also advise how long delivery normally takes from the date of placing an order?

        I couldn’t locate an email address on the site to email this enquiry, sorry!

        • Hi Barbara
          Yes so there were quite a number of orders that came through very quickly when the prints were released so my printer became a bit snowed under very quickly!
          That said, I think they are in the post down to me as we speak, so I can prepare them and get them all sent off !
          If not in your hands this time next week then let me know.
          And thanks again!!

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