The house I used to live in, part of a Victorian street of tall terraces in Finsbury Park, was divided into two flats. We lived in 17B, the upper section of a four storey building, but with an iron balcony that looked out over the gardens of our block in a very cinematic way. It was something that I was constantly sketching and taking photos of.

This resulted in a picture I did called ‘Nighttime’ and spawned a series of works, initially that included the view from my flat but spread to the surrounding area, and further afield. Nighttime sold well. Sold out in fact, relatively quickly, but I felt it looked a bit too American and wanted to create something that had a distinctly British feel to it, so I looked at some of the halftone techniques used by DC Thompson and, hey presto, this is the result.

A limited run of 100 copies of each, printed on Kraft card measuring 590x290mm and are available here.


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