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The dilemma Compare The Market had was two-fold: The main site had become too clinical, and their side products (in trying to amend that) had steered quite far away from the internal branding. My initial job was to design an offshoot blog for them, called ‘Simples’ however it paved the way for harmonising the whole brand. We had three products to deal with: Simples, Meerkat Movies and the homepage and the first task was to look at what already existed (in Meerkat Movies and the homepage) and bring them into line with each other. I put together a moodboard to generate some thoughts from the client, and based on that began work on the guidelines…

I put together a set of branding guidelines to unite what had gone before but had strayed off track. The aim was to tighten up their branding; not create something new but harmonise what had gone before and make it consistent. This considered standardised type, navigation elements, icons etc.

With the guidelines in place, it was now time to implement it into their other products. Meerkat Movies was offshoot app offering cinema news. I had created a universal style for CTM. I felt the defining way we could work with offshoot products was mainly with secondary fonts and secondary colours, but to keep most universal branding in place. In addition the app had some UX issues, so this work extended into redesigning the the booking system, cinema listings, reviews and the overall navigation.

Simples by name, Simples by nature: The content of the blog was to be easy to understand information for users, so it made sense to create a visual language that demonstrated that too.

A side issue to all this was creating some illustrations for the blog, about 12 in total just using their primary colour scheme of blue and green. It’s so easy to dismiss what’s gone before, but branding constraints can offer very satisfying challenges sometimes. They keep your brain ticking over.

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